Ruth Rah –

P R E T T Y   I N   P I N K

Welcome to the first post in my photo series. As I explained before I’ve always wanted to get into photography, but never knew where to start! Anyway, in the spirit of making things come to fruition I’ve decided to use my amazing family & friends as my subjects.

Meet Ruth- Rah, my Ugandan beauty


We met at university, Queen Mary (whoop whoop!), and it was love at first sight. Okay, not really, in fact she thought I was really really stoosh. I’m actually not, just shy and it comes across quite rude. She was the rude one, ignoring me because she thought I was too immature (I mean I was, but so what?!)

Anyway, we were put in the same Law classes and Ruth quickly became a sister and a rock in my life. She has always been so wise, smart and funny.


Ruth was always one of the first people that I told my problems to and even six years later she still remains that person for me. She was literally my ride or die during our adventures! Back when student loan was flowing we went to Paris and Amsterdam in summer 2013 and safe to say those were the funniest, craziest trips of my life…



Ruth taught me a lot about myself, to be honest. She helped me to understand how being a passionate person doesn’t mean you can’t learn to compartmentalize. That is, being able to separate what’s driven by emotion and actually reality. That’s literally her favourite word.

“You must learn to  compartmentalize Sosa.”

“It’s unhealthy to think like this, make sure you you compartmentalize.”


She also taught me how to be a strong and formidable woman. I’ve always admired her ability to be resilient and fierce.


 We’re total opposites, in a good way, so we bicker a lot. We get told we sound a lot like a old married couple, yapping away at the most insignificant things. She’s just annoying to be honest. Plus, Ruth teases me wayyyy too much, sometimes I just want to beat her up, but it’s all love. 


She’s also a popping fashionista, so find her on instagram: @ruthrah

Sosa Sharon

Be you, all-ways