Queen –

P A R A G O N   O F   B E A U T Y 

Hey guys! How are you? How you doing? What’s new?

So I’m back with the second edition of my photo-series and this time I’ve got my beautiful mum in front of the lens. We decided to do this impromptu photoshoot after Easter Sunday service because as per usual my mum’s outfit was popping!


My mum is the bedrock of not just my immediate family, but also for my extended family. She has always been an extremely hardworking woman and done everything with such poise and excellence.


So, she is a total Queen (plus that’s her real name!). My mum has always supported my dreams, especially when I decided I didn’t want to be a lawyer but go down the non-traditional route.


She helped me find the courage to start my blog and be more confident in myself. My mum is alwayssss getting at me for lacking confidence, but mainly because she see’s all my gifts and the great things I could do with them. When things do go bad her favourite saying is:

“Not to worry! Everything will be okay!”


My mum is also super confident in herself, when I say she lovesss who she is, I’m not exaggerating. Plus she’s super stylish and modern so I’m extremely proud of my mumma. I’ve always admired that about her because it allows her to go full throttle for all the things she wants.


I haven’t always been close to my mum, because typical African household. But, over the past few years our bond has become a lot stronger and I appreciate her great advice and care. I can also definitely confide in her a lot more.


My mum has worked really hard for her family, it’s taken a lot of sacrifice for her to get to where she is, and if not for her strong mind and love of God, I doubt she would have survived it. But she has, looking like the absolutely regal Queen that she is.


This an ode to my mum, and all the amazing women doing their best for their children, thank you for all your sacrifices.

Sosa Sharon

Be you, all-ways