Josette –

T H E  R O S E  T H A T   G R E W  F R O M  C O N C R E T E 

Welcome guys to the third instalment of my photo-series!

Meet Sette Daily, a.k.a Josette

Poet/ creative genius/ brave heart/ beautiful soul/ great friend


Now I’ve known Josette since secondary school. We weren’t initially close and I found her really annoying.

But, something changed between us after secondary school. We started being able to relate on lots of things, such as how we viewed life, our purpose and various relationships.


Our friendship really solidified when we took the true trip to Turkey in the late summer of 2015.


Going to Turkey was a chance trip, but the best spontaneous decision I’ve ever made. That holiday was so memorable for two reasons, Turkey was absolutely beautiful, I mean the food and landscape was lush. But more importantly, I learnt a lot about Josette.


I realised she is a lover like me.

A person that loves hard and long, but is often misunderstood. Or rather, thinks she is misunderstood. Though, desires to be loved just as much back, if not more.

A love that’s very rare to find.


Anyways, we bonded during that trip in more ways that one, making Jo one of my closest friends.  We don’t see or speak to each other everyday because, life, but when we do it’s always heartfelt.


We talk about life and what it means to be. Things that are sometimes too abstract to explain fully with words, but she gets it. In that respect, it helps having a friend like her, as I struggle greatly with explaining myself (but a whiz with writing words down).


We have the true link ups and Jo always has the best advice or self help books, something on restoring a sense of peace, soul and body.


She’s always encouraging me to view life through a different lens without making me feel bad about how I currently do. But constantly reminding me about how life could be a lot worse.



I pray that our friendship continues to strengthen and grow for many many years to come.

Josette is also a sick writer/poet and currently a Barbican Young Poet and Member of @sxwks

Find this beautiful muse on Instagram: @josette_joseph

Sosa Sharon

Be you, all-ways.