So, I’ve reached 10,000 views – what’s next?

Hi Guys! What’s new? Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s the new year already. 2018 has literally flown by! Last year was a very interesting journey for me, so many highs than lows. Not because life became any easier, but simply because I chose to see it differently.

But onto the good stuff. Now, being the faithful person I am, I wrote this post before I reached 10,000 views, with the simple hope to achieve it. Power of positive thinking and all that! But what’s next for after achieving this milestone…

new year.gif

Long and short of it is that I have no clue. Literally no idea what I will do next on this blog, what goals to set for my platform and my writing. You’d think because I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, I’d have some idea. Right? Right.

Wrong, this started out as a pet project for me. A place to showcase my writing, to write about the struggles of ‘adulting’ and of course connect with other writers. And it did exactly that. It opened me up to the world of blogging and the endless opportunities that comes with it.

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I’ve seen and met many other fellow writers who are doing big things – many of whom started out with a blog just like myself. For some reason though, I’ve found myself holding back, feeling that I’m not on par with the rest, I’ve just got a little blog, not something that has the potential to be greater than me.

But it all comes down to what do I want for myself – where do I want my love for writing to take me? Of course that’s a huge question, something that I don’t think I can answer in a single post, nor will I try to, but it’s a question that hangs over my head.

But why am I talking about this now, shouldn’t I be celebrating my significant milestone? Reaching 10,000 views is no easy feat. And I’m pleasantly surprised I managed to do so even with my inconsistency! I guess that shows however that this is more than a pet project.

It’s actually a manifestation of my dreams and desires. My lack of discipline and also my potential.

I managed to achieve something that I thought was beyond me and it’s not, clearly. So it seems that I actually set the bar way to low for myself.


Last year I explained why I was no longer making goals. But this year I will set out a plan, I will set goals  and I will see them through. Meandering through the year with no tangible milestones, doesn’t really give you any standard to measure your efforts by.

I want to do myself justice and actually make a plan for 2019 and stop saying that I have no clue . I mean it worked in 2018, but I don’t think it will suffice for this year.

So while I give myself a pat a back – it’s time to make tangible goals. Now, they will probably change throughout the year and I will constantly reassess them.

As explained by Inc, ‘The only reason to change the goals or the plans is if you realise that the plan will not achieve the desired goal. If that happens, you will have the opportunity to either change the goal or change the plan. You may need to relax the goal, or tighten the plan. Keep asking yourself if there is any reason why the plan might not achieve the goal. If the plan is still valid, and so are the goals–stay the course.’


So, I think I will spend the next month making these plans that will most definitely change during 2019. Let’s hope I stay consistent! Thank you to all that have supported me so far – looking forward to a more content-filled year.


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