Turns One! – Here are three things I’ve learnt

Hey Guys, What’s new? How’s your week been?

I’m so excited to say that my website has finally turned one! Throwback to my very first post, ‘Project Real’ where I talked about getting to the nitty, gritty of my goals and what I wanted to achieve with It’s safe to say, I didn’t achieve as many of them as I wanted to, but had so many other accomplishments. I also learnt a whole lot about blogging and what I truly enjoy about writing…

When I began, I really had no idea what I was doing. My previous blog, which focused on poetry, was completely ad hoc. I literally posted on it, as and when I felt like. There was no structure and no consistency. Whatever I felt compelled to write about, I did. With I really wanted to try something new. Do something that would push me out of my comfort zone and finally embrace who I wanted to become.


And it did.

My blogging journey has taught me so much about writing and being part of a community of writers. It made me brush up on my skills as well as develop my own writing style! And I could go and on about all the new things I’ve come to learn, but I’ve narrowed it down to three. The things that have both challenged me and helped to thrive.

Consistency is everything.

Let’s begin with a definition (in true style)


So, to be consistent is to be reliable and maintain the same standard in every task you do. And I won’t lie, this was challenging for me at the start. I loved the idea of having a website but not so much all the extra commitments that comes with it.

Without it though, it’s hard for anything rewarding to materialise. This goes for everything, like wanting to be healthy in 2018. You will need to be self-disciplined, go to the gym and cut out any bad habits you may harbour. I had to do exactly the same; keep abreast of trends, pitch to publications or even post when I said I would. It was a steep learning curve that eventually filtered into other parts of my life, for which I’m extremely grateful.


It’s okay to not know what to write about next.

I used to get so annoyed at myself for not having a schedule of posts, ready for release. Other blogs seem to be consistent (see above), with each post just as interesting as the one before it. My usual style to go with the flow, I felt, wouldn’t cut it. I needed to be visible so I had to keep talking.

But then, I realised, that wasn’t the point of my website. I wanted a platform to say what I truly think and not what I thought would improve my stats. I mean kudos to the blogs and writers that can churn out articles very quickly. But, I found when I did, they tended to be insincere and quite frankly boring. My best, and often the most shared, were the ones that talked about topics close to my heart. Things that others may think about, but wouldn’t bother to say.  Like, seeming oversensitive to your friends and wishing to be different and forgetting to embrace who you are. I loved writing that post and I received lots of positive feedback from people who always felt like that but never knew how to articulate it.

Your voice is much more powerful than you think.

I used to think no one would read my stuff or share it. I also didn’t think what I wrote would truly impact anything. But it does. I found my real voice in the process of starting my blog and then making it public, which changed the way I saw myself. 

It also changed what people thought of me. Not in the superficial sense, but in getting to know and understand me. They learnt I was an oversensitive, anxious but mostly bubbly individual who spent most of her childhood in local libraries.

So, I was basically living my truth, unapologetically.

Sure, I may not have started a revolution, but I modified my perspective which gave me a brighter outlook. A change that has impacted and will follow me the rest of life.


So, there it is folks, three things I learnt during my blogging journey so far. I’m sure there is lots more to learn and I’m excited for what 2018 has to offer!

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported, to those who I’ve used as soundboard for all my ideas and to my mum who has commented on every single post of mine. All the love does not go unnoticed, in fact I seriously cherish it.

Here’s to more years living your truth!


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