How you can actually live your best life

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So, I wanted to talk about the rise of this common phrase, ‘living your best life’, and how everyone seems to be doing it so well. But the truth is, living in general is super hard, so how exactly can one do it to the fullest?

Right now, someone somewhere on social media or in real life must have just said this phrase:

“Girl, I’m living my best life!”

“Listen it’s time for me to live my best life.”

              Even I’ve said it!

But what exactly does it mean? Where does it come from and why are we so concerned with doing it? What happened to living life regularly with all it’s ups an downs?

I think Urban Dictionary may be able to provide a clue here:

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 18.31.05

So essentially, ‘living your best life’ is when you do all the things you can to make life as great as possible. Whether its sky-diving or taking multiple trips around the world, going full thrust in your career or finally taking that hobby seriously – you’re rejecting a mediocre life.

But then it makes me wonder, if you’re not doing all these so-called amazing things, does that mean you aren’t living your best life? Are you in fact not living at all? It seems this phrase has been reserved for the best possible things life can offer. The extreme highs that tend to be far and few in-between.

giphy (78).gif

But life isn’t always a dream. And as a young person, I know life is certainly not always perfect. That amazing trip across the world may not be affordable and sometimes moving up in your career may take a few years.

So, the harsh reality is that ‘living your best life‘ in its current form, may not be immediately possible.

What actually needs to be advocated, is being content with the current life you have, whether best or not, emphasis on the not.

Okay hear me out.

You may be wondering, why must I just be content, why can’t I strive to live it out to the full?

giphy (79).gif

Well, there’s nothing wrong with doing that. However, you may become so preoccupied with reaching the big highs that you ignore the small daily wins. Like the fact you consistently went to the gym for the last six months (as promised) or that you kept weekly spending on budget. And I’ve always been a big advocate for those little blessings and successes.

You see, the small wins in life are the things that truly mould you. They teach you how to practice gratefulness, mastering your skills as well as patience. They also help with developing your perspective on life as a whole.

In the entrepreneurial world, small wins are the key to staying motivated and succeeding. In“One of the most important ways you can keep yourself in a motivated mindset is to celebrate the everyday wins. As you review what you’ve done, pat yourself on the back for your wins and choose to look at every mistake as a lesson.”

And these wins can be just as rewarding if not more, than the big successes. They prepare you for the huge moments that truly warrant you to say: “I’m living my best life!”

It’s also extremely exhausting to keep trying to live your best life, especially the materialistic and show-y-off kind. It’s fake, pretentious and doesn’t really mean anything on the grand scheme of things. Who are you truly and what can you offer the world except great Instagram pics and captions?

So, you don’t really get a chance to just appreciate things as they are, to truly be in the moment and take it all in.

giphy (83).gif

And I’m not saying don’t celebrate life and those great highs, but what you’re actually failing to do, is letting people see the processes. The long arduous journeys that helped you get there. To me, those are the times that truly make life the best it can be – learning to navigate through the twists and turns and letting that make YOU into a better person.

So, if you’re ever unsure what kind of best life to live:

“Those that live life to the full, they smile, laugh they are grateful and filled to the brim with love — they are the people with infectious happiness — and there are those that are worrying, complaining and waiting for life to get better. But they don’t need to wait. Each moment is an opportunity to start now and live the best life possible.” – Hannah Lily


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