The Middle: Progressing Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Talent in the Workplace through Collaborative Action

The Middle Research Programme, is so important and necessary. We need more BAME on executive boards and as directors. Representation, visibility and inclusivity are extremely important at the top levels of organisations.


TheMiddle Report Launch: Bloomberg, 19th September 2017.  The BBBA research team on stage with Rob Friend, Bloomberg, and David Tyler, Sainsbury’s.

By Fatima Tresh

Group Lab member and PhD student Fatima Tresh works for the Black British Business Awards as a research assistant and has played a key part in producing a new report dedicated to supporting talented ethnic minorities in business.

The Research Team

The report was commissioned by co-founders of the Black British Business Awards Sophie Chandauka and Melanie Eusebe to highlight and addresses the barriers that inhibit the recognition and development of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) middle managers’ potential.  The research lead for the report, Dr Doyin Atewologun, is a lecturer in the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London.  Doyin and Fatima share research interests in leadership, diversity and identity and have provided complementary academic perspectives towards the research and research…

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