Appreciating Your Blessings

Hey Guys! How you doing? How’s your week been? What’s new? 

So I wanted to write a blog on how important it is to understand your blessings. I was talking to my friend over dinner about my loneliness post. We were complaining about all the usual suspects; work, finances, partners and family. Yet in the midst of that, it was clear to see that we both have a variety of blessings in our lives.

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That is, the things that seem so normal or make our lives easier and better. Often we forget these things and get bogged down on the challenges of life. Our blessings become things that we take for granted. And then we wish for more.

But the thing, we need to remember are blessings for what they are, blessings:


A blessing is something that you didn’t ask for, but has been bestowed on to you anyway. And it’s important you never forget this. As this can be the very thing that will get you through life.

For me, I often battled with loneliness, but I have a great group of friends and family. They’ve helped me through the hardest moments in my life and been a strong backbone for me. They have held me up when I felt like I had nothing and supported me when I decided to make a change. I also struggle to explain myself often, but give me a pen and paper and call me William Shakespeare! So, I’m able to get my point across in some way.

The point is: I didn’t have to struggle to have these things/abilities in my life, they have always simply been there.

And it’s different for everyone! As my friend and I realised, it could be the fact that you have a great group of friends or even a lovely partner. Or it could be something as small as the fact you have great skin. Why does that matter?

Well, imagine you worked in a place that meant you were exposed to some potentially irritable substances. Nothing major of course, but the fact you have great skin and hardly break out or react to anything means that where you work isn’t a problem for you.

You see your blessing could be that small, but makes such a big difference.


And we’re all guilty of it – not really paying attention or dismissing that blessing as something ordinary. But, really that ‘ordinary’ blessing, someone out there is wishing for it. Hoping that they too, could have that in their life.

So essentially what I’m encouraging here guys is having the spirit of gratitude. Especially for the things you do have, no matter how small and inconsequential they may seem.  It’s about focusing on the good things in life and if you feel at loss as to what this is, try this test:

“If I didn’t have X in my life, I would….”

You’ll soon find that without some of the things that you overlook and don’t spend long thinking about, you wouldn’t be able to go on.

Yeah, that blessing.

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Sosa Sharon

Be you, all-ways


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