Chop, Chat Chillin’ at Chuku’s

Hey guys! How are you? What’s new? Had a good week?

I thought it would be cool to start off this post by finding out how you guys are, invoking the wonderful spirit of Chuku’s London!

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 09.53.49.png

So what is Chuku’s? Well, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard –

Chuku’s is London’s first and only Nigerian tapas restaurant!

It is the creation of London born brother-sister duo Emeka (é-meh-ka) and Ifeyinwa (i-fay-in-wa). Noticing the lack of Nigerian cuisine on the London “foodie” map, the pair decided to take what they know and love about Nigerian food and share it with the rest of the UK. But they wanted to do so with a difference.

Whilst living in Spain, Emeka fell in love with the relaxed, social tapas dining culture. Just a couple of years later, Ifeyinwa moved to Martinique in the Caribbean and developed an appreciation for a slower pace of life than she had been used to in London.

They wanted to create a spot where people could not only enjoy Nigerian food and culture but could also chill out, relax and enjoy each other’s company. And so, they set up Chuku’s to be the home of good food, good conversation and good vibes. Chop, chat, chill!


And as you guys know, this blog is all about trying new things and getting myself out there, so when my sister invited me out to try Chuku’s for myself at their current residency/pop up, Canvas Cafe Shoreditch – I had to go.

In short, it was ah-mazing!

Normally, Nigerian food can be mega hearty and can lead to a serious food baby

giphy (22).gif

But, Chuku’s have managed to capture the essence, flavour and excitement of Nigerian food to create a memorable culinary experience. The menu consisted of much loved Nigerian favourites, but with a twist: Jollof Quinoa, Chin Chin Cheesecake, Honey Suya Prawns… I mean, I could go on but I’d rather show you (and it tasted sooo good!)

I didn’t think I’d be full either, after all tapas normally consists lots of small plates/bites which you share with others. But, Nigerian food is literally one big plate with lots of components to the dish (basically the same thing, but my West-African self couldn’t initially get my head around the concept of tapas for Nigerian food)

Anyways, I was really satisfied and went back for a second helping of the delicious Spiced Plantain and Caramel Kuli Kuli Chicken.

They also had this fantastic guide (also pictured above): ‘The- Chop- Chat- Chillers’ Guide’

This handy guide was made to make us feel right at home by giving us an insight into Nigerian cuisine and culture, adding to the whole experience.

Overall it was just so cool mehnn and I highly recommend everyone to go. The vibes were so relaxing and the food being so yummy, it is everything you could want on an evening out!

You can stay up-to-date with their latest residencies/pop up’s by signing up to their newsletter. Or following them on social media:

Insta: @chukusldn

Twitter: @chukusLDN

Facebook: @chukusldn

And when you do go, don’t forget to:

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-01 at 09.14.21 (1)

Sosa Sharon

Be you, all – ways

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