Finding Your Purpose At Esther’s 18 – 30 Annual Brunch

So, being brave and bold to try new things was one of my New Year’s Resolutions. I want to gain more confidence and just embrace being myself, you know? Lately I’ve taken up volunteering at the Southbank Centre and even a Naked Art’s Class which was soooo good!

Part of being brave and bold was re-defining my relationship with God. I’ve always known Him, but felt like I haven’t truly experienced Him for myself. I want to be good with God, get myself back on track with my faith.

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When I got invited to the Esther’s Brunch by Jesus House Ministries, I felt like this was something I had to go to. Especially as the theme of the brunch was about discovering and fulfilling your purpose, led by a host of inspiring women. Ultimately, it was a coming together to have fun and meet new people Yes, yes and yes! I had also recently been to an amazing Church service at Jesus House which was so up-lifting.

I’ve always felt like I haven’t quite found my purpose. Lately I’ve been a bit closer to figuring it out (thanks to my blog) and doing more things that I enjoy. Pastor Agu, simply an amazing man of God, talked about the various ways you can find your purpose.


He spoke about 10 different ways, but I’ll only mention my favourite five!

You have a responsibility to find your gift

Be diligent in finding your gift. If you really want to have a passion to pursue, take time to seek it. Sports? Love to help people?  Whatever it is, go to more events, network or activities to figure it out.

What irks you?

Has there always been something that you’ve wanted to change? Lately I’ve realised that I’m passionate about communications and inclusion & diversity. That has helped me find out what my purpose may be and what industry my career lies in. 

Get in the right company

The people around you always tend to be more perceptive about who you are and your gifts. Be around friends and family who can give you Godly insight & wisdom about your purpose.

Purpose is a journey

It’s so tempting as a young person to feel like everything should happen right now and here. But, discovering your purpose is a journey and it will take time & plenty of failures to figure it out! Be patient with yourself.

You’ll already have your gifts

To fulfil your purpose you’ll need skills and abilities. Most of the time you’ll already have it. For example, if you were meant to be a writer, the ability to write well and captivate an audience will come relatively easy to you. Or you’re meant to be one of the best footballers, playing the game, for you, will be done with ease. Whatever the purpose, you gifts will already be within you waiting for you to use it.

Hopefully that’s set you on an empowerment overdrive, as it did for me!  Pastor Agu’s talk was so relatable and down to earth and these tips will stay with me for a long time!

We also got a goodie bag with a free Magnify Magazine – A publication dedicated to empowering the modern woman.

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Find out more about Jesus House and their amazing events here

Sosa Sharon

be you, all-ways

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