New Year, New Blog. Welcome to the world of Sosa Sharon

First of all:


I can’t believe it’s 2017, but isn’t it great that we are able to finally forget the year of L’s – 2016. Now’s the time of fresh starts, new opportunities and growth. I for one was extremely excited about the new year and thought why not start it with a bang – enter sosasharon.com

I’ve spent many years doubting myself and my passion for writing, believing no one would care about what I put out. Yet, towards the end of 2016 I realised two important things:

1) It doesn’t matter what people think.

2) See, point 1.

So, I’ve taken a leap of faith and many doses of courage to start my new website. I will be showcasing old and new pieces of my work and talking/discussing things that are important to me. [Disclaimer: expect some controversy]. I’ve set a goal of posting every week or so, ensuring I give you guys new content regularly. Please also see my About page for more info. That being said, I know that this new venture will be a steep learning curve for me, but I am so ready for it.

2017 – Bring it on!

Check out my first post here


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